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We see that our role as a solicitor in the conveyancing process is to ensure that the transfer of home ownership occurs properly and safely for both the buyer and seller of real property. There are a number of potential pitfalls in conveyancing and we pride ourselves on being able to minimise these risks for our clients. The potential pitfalls and our exact role as a conveyancer is different depending on whether we are acting for the buyer or seller.

Stern Law can assist you in the matters of;

  • Grant of probate
  • Grant of administration
  • Claims under the Family Provisions Act – Do you have a person who unfairly excluded you from the benefits of his or her will?
  • Persons who have lost the intellectual capacity to make a will by virtue of accident or otherwise who in the ordinary course of events would want to have made a will, now have a remedy. An application can be made to the Supreme Court for a ‘court made will’ – ask Stern Law for more details of this important right.