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Medical Negligence

Stern Law has a strong record of successfully acting for plaintiffs in compensation claims who have suffered loss and damage due to the conduct of another person.

We have an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law with expertise in all areas of personal injury and medical negligence.

Medical Negligence Claims:

We accept instructions in all areas of medical negligence, whether they are straightforward or have a high level of complexity. Terry Stern is our Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. Terry is one of the most experienced medical negligence lawyers in NSW, having worked in this field for 35 years. Most of Terry’s medical negligence cases are referred through word of mouth from former clients, solicitors and barristers across Australia.

Terry’s successes include major claims that settled at mediation (without the stress, delay and expense going to court). Terry’s advocacy and experience has resulted in clients obtaining optimal results, many exceeding $5 million. Many of those cases settle at mediation and are not publicly available because they are resolved on a confidential basis.

Terry has achieved excellent results in birth trauma cases, helping change the lives of the carers through access to large amounts of damages achieved through the litigation. Terry has been an expert in the area of birth trauma since 1984 when he obtained a successful outcome for the plaintiff in the Supreme Court of NSW decision of Omopoulos v Papetros & Anor (unreported jury trial). In that case, an obstetrician was found to have, through incompetence, fractured the skull of the baby during a forceps delivery, resulting in cerebral palsy/spastic quadriplegia.

More recently, in 2018, Terry obtained a multi-million dollar settlement in a significant case against a medical practitioner and hospital. One of Terry’s landmark medical negligence cases was O’Shea v Sullivan (1994) Aust Torts Report 81-273 (SCNSW). In this case, a leading pathology service, Macquarie Pathology, and Ms O’Shea’s GP were found to have misdiagnosed her positive cervical screen (pap smear). Ms O’Shea’s symptoms included breakthrough bleeding after intercourse but because she was aged in her 20s, it was not properly investigated. The case highlighted the inadequacies of Australia’s cervical screening procedures at that time.

Terry achieved a nationally significant result, not only in financial terms, but also with a result prompted a government investigation into cervical-cancer screening in Australia in the mid-1990s, and indirectly resulted in changes in medical practice regarding the early diagnosis of cancer (carcinoma in situ) in young women.

Medical Emergency Claims

Terry Stern is an expert in claims where a medical condition has been misdiagnosed, such as Cauda Equina Syndrome and Meningococcal Infection and other infections.

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